Residence Hall Wireless Project Status


We will be placing an access point in every other room in a floor-to-floor checkered pattern. If your room has an access point, the rooms on either side of you will not. However, on the floor above and below, the rooms next to your room will have access points.

In rooms where access points are placed, we will be using one of the existing ResNet wired ports to power and network the access point. If your room needs more than one wired port, email, and we will install a switch to provide you with an additional port.

Wireless routers are not allowed to be plugged into the ResNet port, as they are likely to interfere with the wireless network. If we detect wireless routers, we will ask that you remove them.

Installation Process

This project will follow three stages to completion:

  • Phase 1 is placing equipment in rooms.
  • Phase 2 is placing additional wireless in common spaces (Study Lounges, Dining Halls, etc).
  • Phase 3 is removing previous wireless access points in the halls and re-purposing them on campus.

Phase 1

Phase 1 has six steps. Some steps are building specific while some are general project steps.

  1. Contractors are currently mounting raceway, mounting brackets, and running a patch cord for the access points.
  2. In Hillside Place, additional network switches will be installed in telcom closets.
  3. IT will place the access points in rooms and connect patch cables.
  4. IT will process work orders to change the network jacks from ResNet to wireless access points.
  5. IT will install and configure new controllers for the access points and transition existing access point to the new controllers.
  6. IT will be receiving access points into their telemanagement system. This includes recording MAC addresses, serial numbers, purchase dates, etc. on the inventory.

All six steps need to be complete for the access points to be functional.

Phase 1 Status

Step 1 - Contractors Step 2 - Switches Step 3 - Placement Step 4 - Work Orders Step 5 - Live
East McNair100%N/A99%100%Yes
West McNair100%N/A99%100%Yes
Receive and install new controllers08/22/14 - Complete
Receive access points08/11/14 - received all access points - ~1,200 pounds being inventoried.

Phase 2 (not started)

In this phase we will install more access point in common areas like dining halls, study lounges, etc.

Phase 3 Status

In this phase we will remove old access points from hallways and other locations and repurpose these on campus.

Building Removed from Service Repurposed
East McNair0%0%
West McNair0%0%

Last update on 08/22/14