Information Technology

Wired and Wireless Networking

The Telecommunications department develops, operates, and manages the campus network (MTUNet) and Internet access at Michigan Tech.

Resources and Information

Resnet Suspensions

We respond to notices of DMCA statue violations and suspend the network connection of offending users.

Resnet Virus Removal

We offer help to our residential users in cleaning virus infections from their computers.

Wireless Network Connections

IT Telcom operates and maintains the campus wireless infrastructure.

Resnet Registration

Michigan Tech's Resnet service requires residents to register online using their ISO id and password. Documentation and helpdesk support are availabe for any resident having difficulty with this process.

Resnet Troubleshooting

We help our residential users troubleshoot connection problems to our campus network.

Wired Network Connections

IT Telcom Operates the campus networking physical plant, with thousands of network jacks throughout the campus.