Information Technology

Website Services

We offer web site hosting services, web application services, etc., to the campus.

Resources and Information


cPanel is our web hosting solution for student organizations and other groups who wish to maintain their own web presence.

Hosted Web Pages

We host various departmental and administrative web sites.

Web Based Applications

We support a large number of web-based applications for the campus.

Web Cameras

There are a number of webcams that provide a view of the campus, including broomball games. Please browse them at

Domain Name Registrations

We register DNS domains and addresses for public facing services, research group websites, etc.

Video Streaming

We provide the video streaming infrastructure behind Commencement, the Senate meetings, online lectures, etc.

Web Cache

We operate a web cache that speeds up access to Internet websites.

Web Servers

We run the webservers on campus that provide the university's web presence to the world.