Information Technology

Telephone Services

Michigan Tech supports a variety of voice services and systems for the campus community. Voice offerings include both analog and digital telephone service, voicemail, voice-recognition directory services, pagers, as well as local and long distance calling plans.

Resources and Information

Calling Cards

IT Telcom resells AT&T calling cards at special rates. These calling cards are particularly useful when traveling.

Cybertech Call Recording

The Cybertech system records all emergency calls placed through to Public Safety and Police Services.

Residential Service

We offer telephone service for our residential users in the dorms, Hillside appartments, and Daniell Heights.

Voicemail User Support

We resolve any issues our users have with their voicemail system (password resets, voicemail activations, usage instructions, etc.)

Campus Telephone Service

IT Telcom offers telephone services throughout the campus.

Fax Support

We offer assistance with fax machines, help resolve faxing issues, etc.

Telephone User Support

We also help our users with any problems they have with Michigan Tech's phone system.