Technical Requirements


The Huskycast video platform delivers both classroom-based lecture content as well as other video content uploaded for use in Canvas courses. Classroom content can include audio, desktop/PC content, and document camera sources, and varies depending on specific classroom technology capabilities.


Provides instructors and students with a web-based home for each of their courses. Course content and materials, including syllabi, lecture notes or slides, files and links to external sources, and audio-video content can be made available to students in a secure environment.

Technical Requirements

To ensure the best experience while using HuskyCast, it is imperative that your computer and Internet connectivity meet the minimum technical requirements detailed below. Click to expand an item.


  • Most recent version of Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • Windows 7 or later OR Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later
  • Most recent version of Adobe Flash player
  • JavaScript enabled
  • Java Plugin for Screen Sharing in Canvas web conferences
  • Minimum bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps (DSL or Cable Connection)
  • Latest version of Microsoft Silverlight for legacy content (recorded prior to 5/2015) only

Mobile App Playback: Reformatted full rich media playback, optimized for mobile devices.

  • "Panopto" is available in the App Store.
  • "Panopto" is available on the Android Market.

Mobile Web Playback: Includes lower quality display window and may not include video window


Canvas is Michigan Tech's Learning Management System (or LMS). It provides the main way students submit assignments, take quizzes, download information, and discuss topics. It's essential that your computer meets Canvas's minimum technical requirements.

Laptop or desktop: Provides instructors and students with a web-based home for each of their courses.

  • Most recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash Player
  • JavaScript enabled
  • Java plugin required for Screen Sharing feature in conferences

Mobile: Provides instructors and students with a home for each of their courses on a mobile devices.

  • "Canvas for iOS" is available in the App Store
  • "Canvas for Android" is available in the Android Market

To check your system compatibility - view a sample video.

iTunes U

Michigan Tech on iTunes U is a service that enables faculty to deliver pre-recorded audio/video course content using Apple's iTunes software. iTunes U is also used to watch previsouly recorded commencement ceremonies.

Laptop or desktop:

  • iTunes (PC or Mac)

Mobile Playback:

  • "iTunes U" is available in the App store