Storage, Quotas and Data Recovery

IT offers a central enterprise-class storage system to campus users, including home directory and shared disk space service. Our storage team routinely backs up central file storage systems and assists users in recovering accidentally lost data.

Quotas are a necessary reality and when users exceed disk usage limits, we help our users examine their disk usage to bring it back into compliance.

For up-to-date notices on maintenance and special circumstances which may affect storage on campus, please visit the IT Status Page.

Useful Terminology

Grace Period

The amount of time the soft quota can be exceeded; this is typically 14 days.

Soft Quota

The amount of available space usable by you or other members of the shared data repository. (Once the grace period has expired you will no longer be able to write any new files to the home directory or data repository.)

Hard Quota

The amount of limited extra space over the Soft Quota that is granted temporarily to allow you time to reduce your space usage.

Home Directory or (H: Drive)

The central location where all of a Michigan Tech' user's personal documents are stored.