Information Technology

IT Security and Information Compliance

We secure the campus against cyberintrusion and viruses, and ensure the compliance of MTU with pertinent legislation, such as DMCA, HIPAA, FERPA, etc.

Resources and Information


We manage the campus enterprise virus protection system.

Compliance Training

We train the campus on information technology compliance issues.


We handle notices of DMCA violations. Students caught sharing copyrighted material face consequences ranging from fines to disciplinary hearings.

Information Compliance

Password Management

We provide an enterprise class password management system. The system can also automate password changes to systems.

Video Surveillance

We operate the campus video surveillance infrastructure, which helps Public Safety and Police Services maintain a safe campus.

Certificate Support

We issue digital security certificates that help secure our electronic transactions.

Desktop Security

We provide an umbrella of security protections against intrusions and viruses.

Firewall Support

The campus border is protected with a firewall system that blocks and filters traffic and helps prevent external intrusions.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

We protect the campus computer systems by monitoring ongoing threats, attacks, and common intrusion signatures. We monitor ongoing hostile activity in the Internet and prepare defenses accordingly.

Network Scanning

We scan our network for known vulnerabilities. We can also provide vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to assess a level of risk to a system.

Security Issue Reporting

We provide incident response services for computer security incidents.


We offer a Virtual Private Network that secures connections from outside of campus to IT resources on campus.