Residence Hall Printing

Printers are available for resident use in the following areas:

  • Wads Lobby (by the ATM)
  • McNair G001
  • Hillside G03A (by the pool table)
  • DHH 130 (Lobby)

Instructions on how to connect to the husky-bw queue can be found in the videos below:

Windows Instructions

Configuring the Husky-bw options

  1. Right click on husky-bw.
  2. Click -> Printer properties.
  3. Go to the Configuration Tab and verify these settings:
    • Connection: Off
    • If enabled the printer will be extremely slow, and changing preferences will take far too long.
    • Paper Trays: 6 Trays (High Capacity Feeder and Tandem Trays)
    • If proper paper trays are incorrectly selected printjobs may not use tray 6 (High Cap) first emptying other trays first making MTS have to refill paper more frequently.
    • Finisher: Office Finisher
    • If Office Finisher isn't selected features may not be available for use like stapling and hole punch.
    • Hole Punch Module: Installed

Mac Instructions

Configuring the Husky-bw options

  1. Go to Settings > Printers.
  2. Click the Husky-BW printer, then Options and Supplies.
  3. Choose the options tab.
    • Printer Trays: Pick 6 Trays
    • Hole Punch Module: Installed
    • Finisher: Office Finisher
  4. Click OK and close out of printer settings.

HuskyPrint Stations on Campus

AOB G004
ATDC 604  
Chemsci 100
Chemsci 717  
Chemsci B10  
Dillman 101  
Dillman 209
Douglass Houghton Hall 130 (Lobby)  
Dow 7N
EERC 318  
EERC 723  
EERC Lobby
Fisher 232
Fisher 331  
Forestry 146
Hillside G03A (by the pool table)  
Library 100B  
Library 117  
Library 200A
Library 300A
Library G01A  
M&M U203
McNair Hall G001  
MEEM 125
MEEM 707  
Meese 100  
MUB Ground Floor Commons  
Rekhi 113A
SDC 200  
Wadsworth Hall Lobby (by the ATM)  
Walker 120  
Walker 130