Mobile Printing Instructions

Select your operating system below for detailed instructions on how to print to the HuskyPrint stations located on campus.

Answers to more printing questions are at the Print FAQ Page.

Laptop Printing Instructions (Mac)

Printing outside the labs is configured differently, depending on whether the computer is in a "domain" or standalone. In general, if a user logs in with MTU\username and their ISO password, or with ADMIN\username, they are logging into a computer that is a member of the domain.

  • Domain members are configured automatically by IT. To print from a computer belonging to a domain, simply choose the printer you want to print to when you print. If you would like to print to a printer that is not available to you, please contact User Services and specify the name of your computer and the name of the printer to which you want to print.
  • Standalone computers need to be configured manually. The printing system we use at Michigan Tech is based on the PaperCut printing system. This system allows for features such as Follow-Me printing (with which any user can print to a generic printer but release the job to any of the available lab printers), and release stations. Release stations are helping Michigan Tech save 10% in paper and toner; we estimate the savings in paper to be in the order of 1 million pages a year.

Instructions for installing PaperCut and printers to your computer:

  1. Download and install the PaperCut client. THE PAPERCUT CLIENT MUST BE RUNNING BEFORE YOU CAN PRINT. Watch a video tutorial on how to install Papercut.
  2. To find information about a printer you want to add, open a web browser and go to and navigate to "Manage Printers." You can search for a printer by name (or partial name). Once found, it will give you the following information:

    Record the name of the printer and the printer driver for the following step.

  3. Add the printer to your computer.
    • Open System Preferences.
    • Click on “Print & Scan."
    • Click on the “+” at the lower left corner and click “Add new printer.”
    • Navigate to the "IP" tab at the top.
    • Information is as follows:
      • Address:
      • Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol – IPP
      • Queue: /printers/PRINTER-NAME (Explained in finding printer)
      • Name: Name of the printer
      • Location: Location of the printer
      • Use: Driver for the printer (Explained in finding printer)

      All of the standard printer drives are installed on all Mac’s imaged by IT. Click “Select Printer Software…” and click on the model of printer (from finding printer). If your printer driver isn’t listed here are some links to download them:

    • Note: These links include the most used printers on campus, which includes Kyocera Mita/TASKalfa, Xerox WorkCentres, and most HP printers. For a full list and links to drivers, go to for more info.

      Here is an example of adding the printer eerc-115-copier:

    • Once the information is filled in, hit OK. You will see the following error:

    • This is normal. Hit Continue.

    • Depending on the printer model and possible features supported, you will see a screen with a listing similar to this one. Select all the features that you know your printer supports. If you miss a feature or two, you should be able to print, just without the use of said features. When finished, hit “OK.”
    • Once the printer is added, you will be directed back to the printer queue screen. To print, the PaperCut Client must be running. When PaperCut is running, this window should be shown:

      If prompted by PaperCut to log in after trying to print, enter your Michigan Tech ISO username and password to send the job to the printer.

HuskyPrint Stations on Campus

AOB G004
ATDC 604  
Chemsci 100
Chemsci 717  
Chemsci B10  
Dillman 101  
Dillman 209
Douglass Houghton Hall 130 (Lobby)  
Dow 7N
EERC 318  
EERC 723  
EERC Lobby
Fisher 232
Fisher 331  
Forestry 146
Hillside G03A (by the pool table)  
Library 100B  
Library 117  
Library 200A
Library 300A
Library G01A  
M&M U203
McNair Hall G001  
MEEM 125
MEEM 707  
Meese 100  
MUB Ground Floor Commons  
Rekhi 113A
SDC 200  
Wadsworth Hall Lobby (by the ATM)  
Walker 120  
Walker 130