IT Facilities Management and Engineering

Michigan Tech Telecommunications maintains a high quality multi-service network and is ultimately responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of the University's telecommunications physical plant.

Construction and Renovations

The Telecommunications Engineering team can assist in a consultative role on many projects. Our engineering group has subject matter experts in networking, telecommunications, RF, and physical plant installations. With , Our team members have years of experience and training and can offer everything from basic installations to advanced design solutions.

Learn about Telecommunications Physical Plant Policies and Procedures and Construction Specifications.

New Jack Location(s)

Michigan Tech's campus is extensively wired for networking services; however, there may be locations that need new or additional jacks installed. Requests for new locations will be handled by Telcom on an individual case basis; please contact IT Help for more information.

Cost and Service Estimates

Design and engineering assistance along with written estimates are provided for projects under our control. We occasionally work with outside departments or companies to provide assistance for projects. Estimates on projects are based upon estimated time and materials unless other arrangements are made. All engineering and design work is performed by competent skilled technicians and engineers.

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