Guest Access

Michigan Tech visitors may be granted access to the campus wireless network (Rovernet) by registering for an account using their driver's license or other government-issued ID at one of the designated wireless access registration sites.

Guest Access FAQ


Where can I register?

The following locations can register a guest so he/she can use the wireless network:

  • MUB Manager (MUB 1st floor)
  • JVRP Library Circulation Desk
  • Rozsa Box Office
  • Student Development Complex Business Office
  • Wads Hall Main Office
  • Daniell Heights Office (for Heights guests)


What do I receive when I register?

You will receive a login ID and password used to gain access to the Internet via Michigan Tech's wireless network, known as Rovernet. For more information on Rovernet please visit the Network and Wireless page.

You are responsible for providing an 802.11b/g enabled computer.

The support for this service is limited to verifying whether the wireless network is available and password resetting.


Is there a charge for guest access?

No. This service is provided by the university to its guests free of charge.


Who is eligible to register?

Any legal adult, affiliated with Michigan Tech or sponsored by a university department, with a government-issued ID. Currently, registration sites will accept a driver's license, passport, or visa. The identification must be valid and contain proof of age. The ID does not need to be issued by the United States. You must be able to provide a local phone number or mobile phone number on a mobile phone with local coverage.


How long is my login ID valid?

Expiration of a login ID can be set to one (1) year beyond the current day. How long it is actually valid for is up to the registering entity.


How do I access Rovernet once I've received my login ID and password?

  1. The first thing you MUST do is change your password by visiting the Change Password Site.
  2. The next thing to do is set up one or more secret questions at the Secret Question Site.
  3. Next you simply find a "hot zone" on campus, and bring up a web page. If prompted for authentication by the Michigan Tech ISO system enter your login ID and the password you established in step 1 above.
  4. If prompted at the Rovernet screen to choose Rovernet or any other item, please choose Rovernet.


What if I forget my password?

Please contact the system administrator of your sponsoring department.


Once I'm connected, can I do anything I want?

Of course not. Users of the service must abide by all Terms and Conditions listed on the Rovernet Site, if any, and all the rules, regulations and guidelines laid out in Michigan Tech's Computer Use Policy.

Guests should be aware that:

  • The guest wireless network is not secure.
  • Network traffic could be monitored by authorized or unauthorized parties.
  • Limited support is provided for this service.
  • Michigan Tech reserves the right to revoke all access to any resources at any time without notification.
  • No expectation of privacy is provided.

Comments, suggestions, questions, etc. may be sent to

Can I register a guest?

If you are an Michigan Tech student, staff, or faculty and wish to register guests please contact This service is free of charge and is intended to provide temporary internet access for any qualifying visitor at Michigan Tech.

Guest Access Registrar FAQ


How do I obtain the ability to register guests?

To be a guest registrar you must be an Michigan Tech staff member and receive training so you can be added to an authorized list of access providers. If your job requires you to be a Rovernet guest registrar, please send an email request to:


How do I register a guest?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Guest Registration Site.
  2. If prompted to login at the Michigan Tech ISO web site, do so by using your Michigan Tech ISO login ID and password.
  3. If you are authorized to register guests (see previous question) you will be able to choose to "Add a New Guest" or "Edit Guest Account Information."
  4. Once an ID has been chosen and the password generated, print out the password and guest instructions page and provide this to the guest. It is the guest's responsibility to complete the instructions on the page.
  5. It may be prudent to remind the guest they are subject to Michigan Tech's Computer Use Policy.


Who is eligible to receive a guest login ID?

  • Any legal adult with a valid, government-issued ID accepted by the registration application; persons under the age of 18 are not legal adults.
  • Persons who already have an Michigan Tech login ID are not eligible (e.g., faculty, staff, and students).


Which types of identification are accepted?

Currently, driver's license, passport, and visa is an acceptable type of identification if it meets these criteria:

  • The ID is valid (e.g., not expired or forged).
  • The ID is government-issued (This can be a state, local, or country including non-US countries).
  • The ID verifies the person is 18 or more years old.
  • Social security cards and numbers are NOT valid forms of identification. Photo ID is preferred, but not required. If the visitor cannon produce government-issued identification that meets the above criteria, policy does not permit a guest ID to be granted.


What if the guest does not have a local phone number?

The guest must provide a local phone number or a mobile phone number for a mobile phone that has local coverage.


Can I reset a guest's password

The ability to register a guest does not include the ability to reset a guest's password.

All departments have a designated system administrator who can reset a user password. You can direct guests to this person.


Can I reset a guest's expired account?

Expired login IDs are periodically removed from the system. If the ID is found in the system you may reactivate it by changing the expiration date. Otherwise you will have to create a new account for the guest.


Can I modify a guest's information?

The guest account's expiration date can be modified at the Edit Guest Information Site. Currently, it is not possible to modify a guest's name or government identification data once the ID has been added. If this data needs to be modified send a request to


What if I see a guest violating the Computer Use Policy?

If you suspect or witness activity that is in violation of Michigan Tech's Computer Use Policy please call 906-487-0099 and ask to speak with a Security Officer from Information Technology Services and Security.

Have a question not answered here? Send your question or comment to Guest accounts are provided and supported by Michigan Tech Information Technology.