Information Technology

Desktop, Computer Lab and Laptop Support

We support the desktops and laptops of every faculty and staff on campus, as well as all the kiosks and public workstations on campus.

Resources and Information

Computer Deployment

We provide a specification to deployment service for desktop and laptops, which includes specification, purchasing, software build, through to final deployment at the user's desk.

Equipment Check Out

We have some devices available to be checked out by the MTU community: laptops, projectors, etc.

Kiosk Support

We support various information kiosks throughout the campus.

Secure Disposal

We offer a certified data storage disposal to help those users who have a regulatory need to dispose of storage hardware in a secure way.

Computer Labs

The list below represents the most current information regarding availability of computer labs on campus. Each building location indicates the room(s) where at least one lab is located.

Hardware Maintenance

We diagnose computer hardware problems.

Network Access

We diagnose computers having difficulty accessing our networked resources.

TALON Installation (Public Safety)

We install and support the in-vehicle laptops used by Public Safety and Police Services.

Wireless Support

We help our users when they have problems accessing our campus wireless infrastructure.