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Fisher Hall

The list below represents the most current information regarding availability of computer seats labs and wireless lounges in Fisher Hall. Select a room for detailed information.

Computing Space/Lab Type

Open: Available for all students on campus, regardless of major. Major- or student-specific labs (e.g., Grad students, Humanities majors) are indicated as such.

Reservable: These spaces are available for reservation through the Registrar's Office. When the room is not scheduled, it is available to all students; please check the schedule for availability. A list of all reservable labs is available here.

Restricted: These spaces are reserved for specific Major- or students (e.g., Grad students, Humanities majors); some may have reserved for classes. Please check the schedule for availability.

Need IT Help?

For assistance with lab computers or printing, please contact IT User Services at (906) 487-1111 or email at You can also visit us at the Library and IT Service Center, located on the first floor of the Van Pelt and Opie Library.

Building Lab Name Category Available Capacity Lab Type Operating System Printers Schedule
Fisher 232 Wireless Lounge     Open Wireless Lounge Windows 7  
Fisher 330 Lab     Reservable Lab Linux     View
Fisher 331 Lab     Open Lab Windows 7, Linux    

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b&w printer color printer
B&W printer color printer