Find a Lab Seat

The list below represents the most current information regarding availability of computer labs and wireless lounges on campus. Selecting a building or lab name will take you to their respective page. Click on a building or individual room for detailed information.

Computing Space/Lab Type

Open: Available for all students on campus, regardless of major. These rooms are In the table below, all open spaces are shaded in dark grey.

Reservable: These spaces are available for reservation through the Registrar's Office. When the room is not scheduled, it is available to all students; please check the schedule for availability. A list of all reservable labs is available here.

Restricted: These spaces are reserved for specific Major- or students (e.g., Grad students, Humanities majors); some may have reserved for classes. Please check the schedule for availability.


Scanning to email is now available on all color printers. PLEASE NOTE: While some of these spaces have printing capabilities, this does not represent the entire list of printing resources on campus; visit the printing page for more information and for a complete list of HuskyPrint Stations.

The following rooms have printers which are not HuskyPrint Stations: AOB G05, M&M 631A, Noblet G036, and Walker 120.

Need IT Help?

For assistance with lab computers or printing, please contact IT User Services at (906) 487-1111 or email at You can also visit us at the Library and IT Service Center, located on the first floor of the Van Pelt and Opie Library.

Computer Spaces and Wireless Lounges

Building Room Available Capacity Lab Type OS Printers Schedule
AOBG0426Open Wireless LoungeWindows 7 
AOBG0535Restricted LabWindows 7   
Chemsci1084647Reservable LabWindows 7  View
Chemsci71735Open Wireless LoungeWindows 7, Linux  
ChemsciB1035Open Wireless LoungeWindows 7   
ChemsciLobbyOpen Wireless Lounge 
Dillman101035Reservable LabWindows 7 View
Dillman2032026Reservable LabWindows 7 - AutoCad  View
Dillman208Reservable LabWindows 7  View
Dillman20923Open Wireless LoungeWindows 7 
Dillman211015Reservable LabWindows 7  View
Dillman21345Reservable LabWindows 7, Linux  View
Dow21188GMES Grad Students LabWindows 7, Linux   
Dow85347Civil and Env Grad Students LabWindows 7   
DowAtriumsOpen Wireless Lounge 
EERC31826Open Wireless LoungeWindows 7  
EERC3303540Reservable LabWindows 7 View
EERC4212425Reservable LabWindows 7, Linux  View
EERC7231415Reservable LabWindows 7, Linux View
Fisher23224Open Wireless LoungeWindows 7 
Fisher33099Reservable LabLinux  View
Fisher331310Open LabWindows 7, Linux  
Forestry139718Reservable LabWindows 7  View
Forestry1461725Reservable LabWindows 7 View
ForestryG03677Restricted - SFRES Grad Students LabWindows 7  
LibraryFirst Floor673Open Library ComputingWindows 7  
LibraryGarden Floor950Open Library ComputingWindows 7, Mac  
LibrarySecond Floor2578Open Library ComputingWindows 7, Mac 
LibraryThird Floor251Open Library ComputingWindows 7 
MEEM120010Reservable LabWindows 7  View
MEEM12526Open Wireless LoungeWindows 7 
MEEM202223Reservable LabWindows 7  View
MEEM7071321Restricted - Grad Students LabWindows 7, Linux  
MM631A35MSE Grad Students LabWindows 7  
MMU20325Open Wireless LoungeWindows 7 
Rekhi11201Reservable LabLinux  View
Rekhi1131522Open Wireless LoungeWindows 7, Linux 
Rekhi117Reservable LabLinux  View
SDC23645Open Wireless LoungeWindows 7  
Walker120-OSX2429Reservable LabMac OSView
Walker120-WIN48Open LabWindows 7